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NordCML007: Dasatinib + pegylated interferon alpha 2a (PegIntron). Phase 1b/II study of patients from diagnosis of CML Fully included May 2014. An abstract has been submitted for ASH2015

NordDutchCML009: Nilotinib +pegylated interferon alpha 2a (pegIntron) Phase 2 study of patients treated with imatinib for > 2years without achieving MR4.0. This study recruits slowly. 

EuroSKI (NordCML008): Discontinuation study for patients in MR4.0 or better, which was fully recruited in 2013. Follow-up is ongoing. Abstracts were presented at ASH 2014 and EHA 2015. 

NordCML010: Lab studies in stem cell and lymphocyte biology. Patients were recruited from the clinical study BFORE, a study ran by the company Avillion. Patients were treated from diagnosis in a randomized fashion with either imatinib or bosutinib, both 400mg OD. The clinical study was fully included in August 2015. Follow-up is ongoing. 

New study protocols: Always in development. The group welcomes suggestions  for cooperation Contact the chairman or secretary (see heading “About” for contact details)